Grover and Holt: Publisher and Editor of the Animated Magazine 1927-1949

  This page on the history of the Animated Magazine is currently under construction. As of August 2016, I am researching documents and background on the Animated Magazine at the Rollins Archives. It was a fascinating event that put Rollins on the national radar just as much as the Conference plan of teaching that Hamilton Holt implemented. There is no question that Hamilton Holt was a talented showman. He and Grover hatched the concept in a few days and were able to produce its first "edition" in February 1927. I am particularly interested in the speakers at the first few Animags, their backgrounds and their connections with Holt and Grover.


  Once the Animated Magazine became well known and drew large crowds, the editorial content changed, and celebrities of all kinds became presenters, movie stars, military commanders, politicians, and the draw of the presenters seemed to bring ever larger crowds to Winter Park. While I will be collecting documents on the Animated Magazine from 1927 to 1949 (when Holt's and Grover's input ceased), I will be writing the chapter for the Grover biography and the script for the segment of the Grover documentary. This page will be the summary of those insights.




  Meanwhile, Mary Seymour wrote an inspired account of the Animated Magazine. Please, check it out.

Or watch what Thaddeus Seymour had to say about the Animated Magazine:

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