Publications on Edwin Osgood Grover


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-  Gfeller, Eduard: “Who gave the land for Mead Garden?” Reflections, 2016, Vol 14, # 2 pp. 5-7 . Jack Connery and Edwin Grover founded Mead Botanical Garden in 1937. No one person accomplishes such a feat by himself. This article traces the land donors who contributed land to the garden. Grover was the leader who engendered cooperation.


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- Gfeller, Eduard with Moore, Darla: "A New Classroom and Historic Image." Rollins Archives Blog: David and Nancy Berto donated funds for establishing a Grover Room that was set up on the ground floor of the Olin Library and is being used as a classroom as of September, 2016.


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Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor and Company, New Haven, Connecticut 1937. Pp 189-190 and 253-256. Andrew Grover married Rachel Mason in 1830. The history of the Mason family contains the best account of Grover's family and is the first Edwin Grover biographical account. It ends in 1935, though.


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A history of the Winter Park Public Library with a brief chapter on Edwin Grover's involvement in founding the Hannibal Square Library (p 16).


-  Pittenger, Gwynette Grier: “Edwin Osgood Grover: Emersonian Professor of Books.” Thesis, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1968. The first academic account of Grover's accomplishments as Professor of Books. Guinevere Grier, a Rollins alum, did not know Dr. Grover, but she knew Frances Grover and had access to the Grover collection at the Olin Archives.


- Rice, John A.: “I came out of the Eighteenth Century.” Harper and Brothers, NY 1942 and (2nd Ed) University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 2014. John Rice's autobiographical account that contains a chapter "Holt was Rollins" describing his time in Winter Park with some satirical inaccuracies that bothered Edwin Grover quite a bit.


-  Reich, Kathleen J.: Rollins College’s Animated Magazine and the Hamilton Holt – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Correspondence. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Journal of Florida Literature VIII, 1999 pp 51-62. The Animated Magazine was Holt and Grover's most visible event created at Rollins. It lasted from 1927 to 1969, and had recreations in 1985 and 2010.


-  Reich, Kathleen J., "The William Sloane Kennedy Memorial Collection of Whitmaniana" (1996). Books about Rollins College. Book 10. A catalog of the collection that Edwin Grover solicited from William Sloan Kennedy, a friend of Walt Whitman.


-  Seymour, Mary: “The Animated Magazine Comes to Life” Mary was a very talented writer and Mental Health advocate who tragically died in 2015.


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-  Nan J Walker: “Our Englerth Family Heritage,” unpublished manuscript, unknown date, approximately 2000. The Palmer and Connery families are all descendants of the Englerths.


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