What people say about Edwin Osgood Grover


  “He is one of the most unsung heroes of Winter Park.” Thaddeus Seymour, 12th President of Rollins College


  “He is one of Winter Park’s great movers and shakers.” Taylor Briggs, First Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Winter Park (1958).


  “ I am aware of the personal sacrifices you are making for the little college and I deeply appreciate it all.” Hamilton Holt to Grover December 22, 1926


  “ I want to tell you again how delighted I am that you have been associated with us. You have been a tower of strength to Rollins both within and outside the college and I esteem myself personally most fortunate in having your splendid cooperation in our “great adventure.”  Hamilton Holt to Grover June 30, 1927


  “Maybe this isn’t an organized or authoritative history of the Animated Magazine but when one interviews Dr. Grover, one listens, nods, smiles, hesitates to interrupt, and leaves thinking “The is the most unforgettable character I’ve ever met.” Ruby Aubergey (Rollins '54), The Rollins Sandspur, February 19, 1953.


  “ Dr. Grover would talk to us about the importance of reading and getting an education and what have you.” Dr. James T Talbert, Jr., March 2016. Dr. Talbert went on to Hungerford High School, Tuskeegee Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, and got a Ph.D. at the University of Florida. He credits Edwin Grover with having inspired him along these lines.


  “What was so striking, he was always well dressed, immaculate, and as a little boy I could remember that, and I said, you know, one day, I will be able to own some suits like Dr. Grover, and dress like Dr. Grover. He had an unusual walk, it looked like he was gliding along, I remember that, and he looked like he was bigger than life.” Dr. James T  Talbert, Jr. March 2016.


  “If everybody that Miss Frances, Miss Eulalie, Dr. Grover and Mertie Grover helped, would come here (Palm Cemetery) and would put one flower down, we would have ten feet of flowers sitting here for each person because that is the life that they lived. They lived selfless lives.” Barbara Buchanan Parsons, Crossville, TN, April 1, 2015. Barbara grew up in Winter Park, a next-door neighbor of the Grovers on Camellia Avenue.


  “…how Dr. Grover helped struggling authors, especially African Americans. It is one thing to be involved in a “civil rights” movement but quite another thing to take it to the next level and give the opportunity for talented people to move forward and be recognized for their work.” Barbara Buchanan Parsons, April 1, 2015.


  " His whole life was a helping life, a sharing life." Dave Berto, Sept. 2, 2014


  "He had such high ideals." Dave Berto, Sept. 2, 2014








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